Building Soil.

Not Landfills


Kaicycle is an Urban Farming and Community Composting experiment in Pōneke (Wellington). We turned our first sod in 2015 and have been growing soil ever since. We use regeneration first principles and believe healthy soil builds resilient and happy communities.


We are on a mission to see communities recycling their organic waste and growing nutrient dense food.


Kaicycle composting is a bicycle powered compost collection service that operates in Wellington. We offer weekly pickups from homes, offices and small business.

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Compost Collection


Healthy soil biology grows healthy plants to feed healthy community.


Kaicycle also has a regenerative and organic Urban Farm on Hospital Road in Newtown. We are developing techniques and models to productively grow food in the city while working with nature to regenerate soil and ensure we are producing nutrient dense food.

We are still defining our model for the distribution of the kai we produce, and currently the farm produce is being shared with volunteers and community food projects.

Urban Farm


Climate Change Ready

We see the work that we are contributing to is helping to create centers of climate resilience. From carbon sequestration to hyper local food production and community collaboration we see local food and compost hubs being a key tool for a climate ready future. We are collaborating with other land based projects around the country and have formed an alliance to better share our resources and knowledge.

Urban Farmers Alliance



We offer various educational workshops and sessions during the year. These range from seed sowing and propagation, garden design and preparation, and compost building and maintenance.

As capacity allows we will share our next sessions on Facebook, and through our newsletter.

Open Source

We believe in open source systems and peer-to-peer networks working together like mycelium to create resilient and co-operative communities. We are happy to share information, systems and knowledge about the things we do.

We are actively working on new innovations and techniques to help build the best soil and compost. Check out what we are currently working on below.

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I see the mycelium as the Earth's natural Internet

- Paul Stamets


Get Involved

If you want to learn more about gardening, soil or composting come along to our Newtown Farm on Sundays from 11-1pm. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level and we’ll teach you all the skills you need to know.

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